Frequently Asked Questions

So, you need an answer to a question? We don't pretend to know everything, but if we should be on this page.

Why did you start ColdFusion Weekly?

We're just arrogant enough to think people care about what we have to say. Actually, we thought it would be fun to do. Plus, we wanted to create a podcast that involves the ColdFusion community. What's better than getting your listeners involved?

What blogs do you both read?

Matt's a bit more of a MXNA junkie than Peter, so it's safe to assume that he gets all of the latest news. Peter, on the other hand, lives under a stone with no running water or electricity. Why is he the butt of all the jokes around here?

Anyway, we'll come up with a list someday. Check back at a later date or you can harass in the meantime.

Why do you both have silly accents?

Gosh, you wouldn't believe the flood of emails we get about our accents. Has nobody ever been to middle America? First off, Peter is from Minnesota; you know, the state that is part of Canada. Another excuse could be that Peter lived in Montreal, Quebec for a couple of years and Matt grew up in Nebraska. Hopefully all you easteners know where that is!

Who wrote your uber-cool theme music?

A really nice guy named J.R. Byrd. The name of the cut is called "Control." He let us use it so you don't have to listen to us yak all the time.

You can buy his albums at:

Who wrote the music you use between segments?

The music between segments (a.k.a "bumper music" as we call it in the biz) was written and performed by Ed Slack and the Slackestra. The Slackestra takes requests. So if you have a suggestion or just have a song you'd like to hear, be sure and let Ed and the boys know!

What happend to your nightly talk show?

Originally, we wanted to syndicate a ColdFusion related talk show. However, market tests revealed that our audience segment was smaller than originally thought. One show did take place with German celebrity Thom Derk Bolt and iron pumper Brad Code. Our take of the cover was about $5, but we thought taking money from family every week was dishonest.

Puppet show

Why do you use this version stuff?

Well, we guess the geek in all of us came out to play. Actually, we thought we'd run the podcast a little like a magazine – you know volumes and issues? Also, we've decided to stay at Beta while we get used to producing the podcast. If Google can do it, why can't we?

Do you endorse your CF_Quiz sponsors?

As with anything in life, we can't do everything. We thank our sponsors profusely, but please don't contrue that as official endorsement. Do your research and choose wisely - use the best tool for the job.

Can I link from my blog or website directly to one of the audio files for your podcasts?

Well, we'd really prefer that you link to our Archive page. Anybody that's interested can download an MP3 from there. Also, someday we may not use LibSyn for syndication which would make your link a bad link.

We always include the most recent version on the archive page as well. Also, we create an id for each version. So if you want to have your link jump to the correct anchor, do something like the following if you want to link to the first version:

What software can I use to keep track of the podcast?

Here's a short list for Windows:

Here's a short list for Mac:

If these don't interest you, check out some other software.

How can we get in contact with you guys?

If you haven't already noticed, that information is plastered all over the site. But here it is again for your reading pleasure.

Please bear in mind that if you Skype or call us, all you are going to get is a cheesy voicemail box. Come on, do you really think we have the resources to man the phones 24/7? So when do you get the voicemail, please leave us a message after the tone.

Skype fweekly
Phone +1 (469) 293-3820
Email – Quiz answers only...

Who thought of writing these FAQs?

If you are familiar with the Mach-II framework, you'll know the answer. For those who don't use Mach-II, Peter is the guilty party. He just loves writing FAQs.