CFUnited 2016 Giveaway Entry Form


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*The entry code is announced in our podcasts each week. You must listen to the podcast to enter!

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Giveaway Rules

  • One entry per podcast per person (up to four per month)
  • Duplicate entries will be disqualified
  • You cannont win more than once
  • By entering, your name and email will be shared with our prize sponsor - TeraTech. We're getting all of this for free from them so this is only fair.
  • You must enter the entry code that is announced in each podcasts to enter
  • We reserve the right to change the rules of entry at any time

By entering the contest, you must attend the conference if you win a conference pass. If you cannot attend, please let us know so we can randomly choose a new winner or you may give your prize to a friend or collegue. If you have already registered for CFUnited 2007, you cannot get a refund. However, you can registered a friend and have them pay you for the cost of the pass. In all fairness, please do not sell your prize on eBay etc.