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How do you dynamically get the names of all the form fields from the form when you post it?

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Noon (Eastern Time) – Saturday, February 10, 2006

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Currently Running CF_Quizzes

  • Version 2.03 – January 29, 2006

    How do you dynamically get the names of all the form fields from the form when you post it?

    Deadline: Saturdary February 10th, 2007 - Noon EST

Past CF_Quizzes

  • Version 1.23 – September 25, 2006

    The winner of a free year of ColdFusion hosting from Sozo Hosting is ...

    If YOU want to win a free year of hosting from Sozo Hosting you have to enter and win a weekly quiz. We'll give away more free hosting after the quiz comes back from vacation.

  • Version 1.20 – August 28, 2006

    How do you test onApplicationEnd and onSessionEnd in an Application.cfc without having to wait for these application events to occur?

    Winner: Adam M. Euans


    <cfinvoke component="Application" method="onSessionEnd" sessionScope="#session#">
    <cfinvoke component="Application" method="onApplicationEnd" applicationScope="#application#">

  • Version 1.19 – August 21, 2006

    How do you get the size (total amount of disk space used, not number of files) of a directory using ColdFusion?

    Winner: Johnny Le


    <cfdirectory action="list" directory="c:/cfusionmx7/" name="myDirectory" />

  • Version 1.18 – August 14, 2006

    What one thing would you like to see in Scorpio (CF 8)? Be detailed!

    Winner: Steven Cassady

    Answer: Steven would like to see a third edition of CF that would be free, and thinks it would be a good business move for Adobe.

  • Version 1.17 – August 7, 2006

    Which former ColdFusion Weekly guest and framework author was recently hired at Adobe?

    Winner: Sid Maestre

    Answer: Paul Kenney--congrats Paul!

  • Version 1.14/1.15/1.16 – July 10, 2006

    Choose one security vulnerabilities from the OWASP Top 10 list and describe how they apply to CF and how to handle them.

    Winner: Andrew Sanchez

    Answer: In brief, don't let potential hackers learn about your environment through your error page. Use Application.cfc's onError method or the plain old cferror tag to lock your error pages down.

  • Version 1.13 – June 26, 2006

    You're working with an HTML form and someone who shall remain nameless named the form fields badly, for example, "first name" (that's first {space} name). If you don't have the ability to change the name of the form field, how can you access these form fields in ColdFusion's form scope?

    Winner: Kyle Hayes


    form["first name]"

  • Version 1.12 – June 19, 2006

    Let's say you need to read a text file into CFML, as a variable, but you work in an environment where both CFFILE and CFOBJECT/CreateObject have been disabled by the Administrator. While CFHTTP can read it as a query, and other java tricks can get around the disabling of CFOBJECT/CreateObject, what other two simple CFML tags syntax could read the file in for you in 3 lines of code?

    Winner: Johnny Le


    <cfsavecontent variable="content">
    <cfinclude template="file_to_read.cfm"/>
  • Version 1.11 – June 5, 2006

    If you use Application.cfc and the cfabort tag you have to be careful in certain situations. What's the issue with Application.cfc and cfabort?

    Winner: Jason Daiger

    Answer: If you use Application.cfc and cfabort, cfabort is considered to be an error so this triggers the onError method of Application.cfc.

  • Version 1.10 – May 29, 2006

    Write us Clown Bean and DAO code.

    Nobody won!

  • Version 1.9 – May 22, 2006

    How do you cache the results of a block of ColdFusion code?

    Winner: Andrew Sanchez

    Answer: <cfsavecontent> or <cfcache>

  • Version 1.8 beta – May 15, 2006

    Give us three new features from the ColdFusion 7.0.2 Flex Connectivity Updater Beta. Hint: Check out the release notes at Adobe Labs.

    Winner: John Barrett

  • Version 1.7 beta – May 8, 2006

    This week marked the official end of the web site. What year did first go live? And for bonus points, what was the code name for the + merger project?

    Answer: Launched on June 3

    Winner: Benjamin Ellefson - "my dog ate my answer so I couldn't call in"

  • Version 1.6 beta – May 1, 2006

    ColdFusion is supposedly case-insensitive. Why should be careful when naming your files especially the extends attribute of the cfcomponent tag or the type attribute in the cfargument tag?

    Winner: Kris Jones

  • Version 1.5 beta – April 24, 2006

    How do you get UTC Time in ColdFusion?


    <cfset utc=DateConvert("local2utc",now())>
    Date/Time: <cfoutput>#utc#</cfoutput>

    Winner: Aaron Benton from ??? (get on the Frappr map people!)

  • Version 1.4 beta – April 17, 2006

    Matt forgot his password for the ColdFusion Administrator. Tell Matt how to reset the ColdFusion Administrator password without having to re-install ColdFusion...

    Answer: Reset the CF Administrator Password

    Winner: Jorg Zimmer from Germany

  • Version 1.3 beta – April 10, 2006

    Tell us how all ColdFusion data types (i.e. arrays, structs, strings, etc.) are passed (either by reference or by value). Be sure to get all the normal ones (not custom objects).

    Answer: Strings/Arrays by value and structures/objects by reference.

    Winner: Kevin Penny from Minneapolis, MN

  • Version 1.2 beta – April 3, 2006

    This quiz was held over for version 1.3 beta.

  • Version 1.1 beta – March 27, 2006

    Write a function that takes in seconds and spits out a string saying the number of hours, minutes and seconds. The caution was make sure it uses correct plurals and singulars.

    Winner: Andy Jarret from the United Kingdom

  • Version 1.0 alpha – March 20, 2006

    What file extension did ColdFusion use in the past before the current .cfm or .cfml file extension?

    Answer: .dbm

    Winner: J.J. Merrick from Nashville, TN

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