Ways to Be Part of Our Podcast

Ask a Question

That's right CFers! This is the next best thing to a live ColdFusion call-in show. Hey, even the Car Talk guys know the questions ahead of time – don't let 'em fool you!

We're giving away our time to answer your questions. It's like getting your question answered for free from a consultant. Hmm, I guess that's pretty close to reality... If we don't have an answer for you, we'll find somebody that does.

Skype, call or email us your question. We'd prefer to put your voice on the podcast. So go ahead and try out the Skype thing. Really, we can't survive without you! Take the plunge...you know you want to!

Have a News Item?

Have something you'd like in the CFReport news? Call us!

Be an Announcer

Be one of our announcers. Just call in and say something like the following:

This is [your name] from [your town/country] and you're listening to ColdFusion Weekly!
Good day, this is ColdFusion Weekly. I'm [your name] and here is the news...
Hey, this is [your name]. You're listening to ColdFusion Weekly which narrowcasted on the frequency of coldfusionweekly dot com HTTP 200/ok!

This is a show that features "voices of the CF community". So don't be shy. Call us with a creative, funny or serious announcement. We'll pick the best announcement each week.

Climb into the CF_Hotseat

Yup, you heard right. Join us to get tortured in our Hotseat. Let us interview you and you get the privilege of saying you've been a guest on our podcast. Send us an email about something our listeners might find interesting. Don't be offended if you don't get on the show right away.

Roving Reporters Wanted

If you want to provide segments about people or events in your area, let us know. We'll consider your idea and possibly work with you on putting together the segment.

How to Contact Us

Skype cweekly
Phone +1 (469) 293-3820
Email podcast@coldfusionweekly.com
quiz@coldfusionweekly.com – Quiz answers only...