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December 2006

Version 1.32 – December 18, 2006

Version 1.33 Badge

The "New Year's Resolutions" Edition

Introduction & Comments

  • What Matt has been up to
    • Got RSS added to the Mach-II version of LitePost
    • Small amount of progress on MachBlog
    • Worked on spec for new custom Property feature in Mach-II--we'll want your feedback soon!
    • WAY behind on Christmas shopping
  • What Peter has been up to
    • Worked on the Subroutines spec which would be a new feature in Mach-II - we need your feedback soon on that as well!
    • Really, really behind on work - the "holiday" push.
    • Going to Charlotte after x-mas for a visit with Allyson's sister and family
    • Figured out my new Notebook will get a free Vista upgrade

CFReport – at 11:25

CF_Focus – at 48:00

  • Matt's Resolutions
    • Learn more Ant
    • Learn more SQL
    • Learn a new programming language (leaning towards Ruby)
    • Finish MachBlog
    • Revitalize BoardFusion project<>/li>
    • Release Mach-II 1.5 and new web site
    • Learn more AJAX
    • Learn more Flex
    • Get into Apollo
  • Peter's Resolutions
    • Learn more AJAX / Spry
    • Learn more Unit Testing
    • Keep cranking on Mach-II 1.5.0
    • Learn a new programming language (started on Java)
    • Do ANT deployment
    • Learn more Linux stuff (vivio)
    • Release a new version of LylaCaptcha
    • Learn to do Flex
    • Learn about CFReport and CFDocument
  • Listener Resolutions
    • Joseph Lamoree - CFLucene--update to use new Java Lucene library, listening to version 2.0 of CF Weekly!
    • Dan Vega - open source projects, learn Mach-II, get certified
    • Kurt Wiersma - Unit testing, Flex, open source projects (donating code and documentation)

CF_Query & Wrap Up – at 1:03:22

  • David Putty
  • Teaser about new stuff in 2007, the quiz will be back in 2007

CFExit – at 1:07:00

Thanks to:

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Version 1.31 – December 10, 2006

Version 1.31 Badge

The "Bowling" Edition

Introduction & Comments

  • What Matt has been up to
    • Proud owner of a new Xbox 360 with HD-DVD add-on courtesy of my brother--game recommendations welcome
    • Busy, busy, busy at work getting geared up for the new Congress in January
  • What Peter has been up to

CFReport – at 6:53

CF_Focus – 38:34

Give us your ColdFusion New Year's resolution. Call or skype us!

CFQuery – at 40:26

  • Sean Corfield calls to tell us that Matt prounounced Barney Boisvert's name correctly

CF_Quiz – 41:50

The quiz is coming and there is cool things coming for 2007.

Wrap Up – at 43:08

CFExit – 44:34

Stars of Chrome by J.R. Byrd

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Version 1.30 – December 4, 2006

Version 1.30 Badge

The "Happy December" Edition

Introduction & Comments

  • What Matt has been up to
  • What Peter has been up to
    • On a new side project, doing a lot of HTML and CSS design
    • Will be using spry and some AJAX, my first use on a real project
    • Built some pretty cool backend exception logging, metering/triage (i.e. I don't get 500 emails about the db going down) and history (the application stores the last 10 exceptions for viewing on system admin views -- which allows us to do "real-time" monitoring)

CFReport – at 6:57

CFQuery – at 36:28

  • Jeff Gladnick asks about a server side validation framework
  • Phillip Senn asks about FTP in Eclipse

CF_HotSeat – at 44:48

Dave Shuck and Aaron Lynch tell us all about InstantSpot

Wrap Up – at 1:06:53


Dressed Right for Dreaming by The Jupes

Special thanks to Dynamicell for the wind sounds

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November 2006

Version 1.29 – November 20, 2006

Version 1.29 Badge

The "Source Control Revisited" Edition

Introduction & Comments

  • What Matt has been up to
    • Life, MachBlog Skins, etc.
  • What Peter has been up to
    • Life, Mach-II, etc.

CFReport – at 4:53

CF_Focus – at 37:20

Source Code Management Revisited

  • Lots of emails and IMs about this lately--this is great news!
  • People still struggling with the specifics of the setup, some confusion on process
  • Most common question is "how do I get this working on a shared development server?"
  • Using source control does necessitate a change in development process, but it's a change for the better
  • LOCAL development is by far the best development setup
  • BUT what about my ultra-complex application that has tons of dependencies that I don't want to run locally?
  • If the application can only run in one environment, such as a shared dev server, that's a fragile development process
  • Couple of approaches for code integration and testing
    • Simple: a project in eclipse can be set up to point to the repo on one end and a shared dev server on the other--calling an update drops all the code onto the dev server
    • Better: build process pulls code from svn and deploys to target server(s)
  • Benefits
    • Local, isolated development--more freedom for each developer
    • Freedom to refactor with impunity
    • Encourages the creation of a daily build/integration process, repeatable build process in general
    • Safer, better way to develop

Wrap Up – at 1:00:57

CFExit – at 1:03:00

"Mary Machine" by J.R. Byrd

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Version 1.28 – November 13, 2006

Version 1.28 Badge

The "All News and Teasers" Edition

Introduction & Comments

CFReport – at 9:00

CF_Focus – at 47:55

Ideas for future shows--call us with your ideas!
  • Unit Testing
  • Source Control revisited (lots of emails, calls about this lately which is great)
  • internationalization
  • debugging
  • exception handling

CFExit – at 58:34

"Success Story" by The Ultronz

Special thanks for the samples

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October 2006

Version 1.27 – October 30, 2006

Version 1.27 Badge

The "Beyond Boundaries" Edition with Guest Host Kurt Wiersma!

Introduction & Comments

  • What Matt has been up to
    • Just got back from MAX
    • Working on a whitepaper comparing and contrasting Mach-II and Model-Glue
  • What Kurt has been up to
    • Just got back from MAX
    • Digging into Flex

CFReport – at 12:09

CF_Focus – at 24:37

  • Matt and Kurt's MAX 2006 Roundup

CFQuery – at 46:05

  • Jason Daiger weighs in on the future of ColdFusion

CF_Quiz – at 54:08

Still on vacation, but call in and beg for a free year of hosting from Sozo Hosting!

CFExit – at 55:30

"Pushed Away" by J.R. Byrd

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Version 1.26 – October 23, 2006

Version 1.26 Badge

The Future of ColdFusion Edition

Introduction & Comments

  • What Matt has been up to
    • Getting ready for MAX, which has broken attendance records--3000 people!
    • New Mac Mini--Linux is great for development and pretty much everything else, not so great for recording podcasts
    • Big discussions on Mach-II
  • What Peter has been up to
    • Resource pooling proof of concept in Mach-II
    • "Dork"-typing proof of concept - is it really worth it?

CFReport – at 6:30

CF_Focus – at 22:05

CFQuery – at 50:58

Apaparently we were wrong a lot recently ...

CF_Quiz – at 56:45

Beg for the free year of hosting that Jason Daiger is re-gifting back to the community!

CFExit – at 1:00:40

"See Other People" by The Jupes

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Version 1.25.5 – October 16, 2006

Version 1.25.5 Badge

The "Call for Calls" Edition

Introduction & Comments

  • What Matt has been up to
    • I'm now happily running Ubuntu on my ThinkPad
  • What Peter has been up to
    • Hanging out in Duluth

We want to hear from YOU!

We think something's been building in the ColdFusion community for quite some time, so we'd like to talk about it and get your opinions as well. Specifically, ColdFusion as a product and ColdFusion developers both seem to be at a crossroads. Some people see this as simple growing pains, while others seem to think we're about to go over a cliff. Which is it? We have our opinions, but tell us what you think! For context, check out these links if you haven't already, then give us a call. Next week we'll dig deep into this topic and let you know what others think.


"On Top of It" by The Ultronz

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Version 1.25 – October 9, 2006

Version 1.25 Badge

The Fusebox 5 Edition

Introduction & Comments

  • What Matt has been up to
    • Greetings from Texas, y'all
    • Almost finished with a Mach-II Photo Gallery application--download by next week
  • What Peter has been up to
    • New Rooibos bean generator!
    • Yummy FedEx Ship Manager API integration

CFReport – at 4:37

CF_HotSeat – at 30:21

Wrap Up – at 57:36

CFExit – at 1:00:08

"Perfect Day" by Far Cry Fly

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Version 1.24 – October 2, 2006

Version 1.24 Badge

FusionDebug: Our 25th Show!

Introduction & Comments

  • What Matt has been up to
    • Dead car
  • What Peter has been up to
    • Framework stuff

CFReport – at 8:16

CF_HotSeat – at 25:35

Wrap Up – at 1:04:25

CFExit – at 1:07:00

"Unlike You" by J.R. Byrd

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September 2006

Version 1.23 – September 25, 2006

Version 1.23 Badge

The Clustering Edition

Introduction & Comments

CFReport – at 8:35

CF_Focus: Clustering – at 21:38

CF_Quiz – at 1:00:37

Wrap Up – at 1:04:41

CFExit – at 1:06:37

"The Deepest Cut" by The Jupes

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Version 1.22 – September 18, 2006

Version 1.22 Badge

The "Peter Was Sick So We're Late" Edition

Introduction & Comments

  • What Matt has been up to
    • Survived the first week at the new job
    • No longer an ACE
    • New LCD TV and HD cable box
  • What Peter has been up to
    • Mach-II stuff

CFReport – at 4:24

CFQUERY – at 21:40

  • Bob Flynn asks about the derth (look it up!) of documentation for the MySQL GUI Tools
  • Phillip Senn asks about building applications for friends and relatives

CF_Quiz – at 32:37

Wrap Up – at 35:47

CFExit – at 38:45

"Washed Up" by Ultronz

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Version 1.21 – September 11, 2006

Version 1.21 Badge

We're back with the news

Introduction & Comments

  • What Matt has been up to
    • Moving to DC
  • What Peter has been up to
    • Life and work

CFReport – at 10:21

CF_Quiz – at 1:01:30

Wrap Up – at 1:07:27

CFExit – at 1:08:45

"My Saving Grace" by Far Cry Fly

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August 2006

Version 1.20 – August 28, 2006

Version 1.20 Badge

The Early Labor Day Edition

Introduction & Comments

  • What Matt has been up to
    • Adding i18n date handling to MachBlog--this was the last big thing to get added before a public beta, which will happen very soon
    • Last day of my old job! I take off for DC this coming week, going up through Nebraska to see my parents and Cleveland to see a friend on the way. Driving 26 hours straight seemed a bit nuts.
    • New VPS at Viviotech--will be transferring all my "stuff" shortly, and this is where I'll launch my blog running on MachBlog
  • What Peter has been up to

CFReport – at 7:14

CFQuery – at 19:38

  • Hal Helms takes us to task about interfaces in CF
  • Another caller tells us to "just say no" to putting more strongly typed features in CF

CF_Quiz – at 31:06

Wrap Up – at 39:11

CFExit – at 40:57

"Soul Dancing" by The Jupes

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Version 1.19 – August 21, 2006

Version 1.19 Badge

"Damn It Feels Good to be a ColdFusion Developer":

Introduction & Comments

CFReport – at 6:37

CF_Focus on Apache – at 20:00

  • What is Apache?
    • Apache HTTP Server is a robust, commerical-grade, featureful and free-available source code of a web server. Sometimes refered to as httpd because of the unix process name (and origins from NCSA).
    • Run by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF)
    • Available on a variety of platforms including Windows, Unix and Linux. Mac OS X integrates Apacge as it's built-in web server. Novell Netware 6.5, Apache is the default web server.
    • Licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. Ironically the FSF considers the Apache licnse imcompatible with the GNU General Public License (GPL) due to "certain" patent termination cases.
    • Currently in the 2.0 days. Version 2 of Apache was a substantial re-write of the a lot of code with a focus on modularization. Other things include IPv6 and better non-Unix platforms (such as Windows).
    • Uses a configuration file to set everything up.
  • Why use Apache?
    • It's free, duh!
    • IIS doesn't allow for multiple web root without the use of third-party utilities.
    • You're not on Windows.
    • It's currently used on over 70% of web servers around the world.
    • You want use url rewriting (mod_rewrite), but don't want to pay for ISAPI Rewrite for IIS.
    • You want to use something like Subversion, but not the SVN daemon.
    • 2.2 now works with ColdFusion
  • Installing / Configuring

CFQuery – at 38:21

  • Jörg Zimmer asks about bug tracking tools
  • Adam Haskell plays Devil's Advocate on "feature creep" in CF 8

CF_Quiz – at 51:39

Wrap Up – at 55:55

CFExit – at 58:32

"Shoot It Up" by Ultronz

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Version 1.18 – August 14, 2006

Version 1.18 Badge

Mr. Woodward Goes to Washington (a.k.a. The CF 8 Scorpio Wishlist)

Introduction & Comments

  • What Matt has been up to – A new JOB!
  • What Peter has been up to – A busy boy he is!
    • Presentation to Cleveland CFUG on Design Pattern Safari
    • Article for FAQU
  • Not to worry, podcast fans the ColdFusion Weekly WILL GO ON!

CFReport in RAPID-FIRE MODE – at 6:11

CF_Focus on ColdFusion 8 ("Scorpio") – at 15:40

  1. Better server monitoring
    • Help with debugging and troubleshooting
    • Session/application management and insight
    • Full reporting on scheduled task execution
  2. Increased OO functionality
    • Static methods
    • Interfaces
    • Constructors
    • Destructors
    • Method overloading
  3. More front-end/UI functionality
    • Image creation/manipulation
    • Spry integration
    • "Atlas"-like functionality (Flex or DHTML front-ends generated by the server)
  4. Improved packaging/deployment
    • Ability to clone a server���would be great for setting up clusters
    • Ability to drop in a jar file for library-type code like frameworks
  5. IDE Enhancements
    • CFC introspection
    • Interactive debugging
  6. Miscellaneous enhancements
    • cfthread/cfjoin tags
    • Better, more flexible caching
    • Ability to programmatically expire cached queries
    • Application-specific mappings
    • Allow for var scoping anywhere within a method, not just at the beginning
    • Enhance cfscript
    • Get rid of cfscript
    • Dump current cfform javascript validation and use qForms instead>
    • Add IMAP, NNTP, and SNMP tags
    • Have scheduled tasks use their own thread pool
    • Make scheduled tasks cluster aware so they can exist on multiple servers but would only fire on one server in the cluster
    • PDF Form support
    • Native support for MS Office formats
    • Native support for RSS
    • SAX-type XML parsing as opposed to DOM only
    • Serializable CFCs

Putting a Stake in the Ground: Our Lists, limiting ourselves to 5, IN ORDER no less! – at 41:25

  • Matt:
    1. cfthread/cfjoin tags
    2. Application-specific mappings
    3. Serializable CFCs
    4. Improvements to scheduled tasks
    5. Atlas-like functionality to generate Flex or DHTML/Ajax front-ends���Adobe could absolutely KILL in this space
  • Peter:
    1. Application specific mappings
    2. cfimage
    3. Improvements to scheduled tasks
    4. cfthread/cfjoin tags
    5. General bug fixes like nested cftransactions (which is a PITA to engineer right in current CF OO applications), fixes to cfchart so it doesn't override styles in an external xml style sheet and fix the DateConvert() function (it incorrectly coverts Standard time when local time observes DST)

CF_Quiz – at 49:27

  • Sozo Hosting is a new sponsor! They've generously offered to give away one year of ColdFusion hosting (a $240 value!) to one lucky winner per month. Sozo Hosting winners will be chosen at random from the winners of the CF_Quiz each month.
  • As an added bonus, Sozo Hosting is also giving all ColdFusion Weekly listeners 10% off if you click on their banner on!

Wrap Up – at 51:55

CFExit – at 53:43

"Why" by Cherry Suede

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Version 1.17 – August 7, 2006

Version 1.17 Badge

The All CFQUERY Edition!

Introduction & Comments

  • What Matt has been up to – new ThinkPad T60p, application migration meltdown (thanks, IIS!)
  • What Peter has been up to – more Mach-II stuff, Illudium PU-36 code generator, and a new office chair
  • NEW SPONSOR! Sozo Hosting from Atlanta, GA

CFReport – at 10:03

CFQUERY – at 16:03

  • Doug Loxo asks about getting Subversion and Trac running
  • Dave (just Dave) has an issue with CFEclipse, UTF-8, and color coding/syntax highlighting – at 21:33
  • David Amy asks about MySQL resources – at 25:10
  • Ethan Pitsch asks about where to put his login "stuff" in an OO application – at 32:14
  • Jason Daiger opens up the thorny question of frameworks and where they're all headed – at 39:02

CF_Quiz – at 52:21

  • Sozo Hosting is a new sponsor! They've generously offered to give away one year of ColdFusion hosting (a $240 value!) to one lucky winner per month. Sozo Hosting winners will be chosen at random from the winners of the CF_Quiz each month.
  • As an added bonus, Sozo Hosting is also giving all ColdFusion Weekly listeners 10% off if you click on their banner on!

Wrap Up – at 59:28

CFExit – at 1:04:44

"Half Step Down" by The Jupes

Programmer's Poem – at 1:05:57

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July 2006

Version 1.16 – July 31, 2006

Version 1.16 Badge

Getting Our Groove Back Edition!

Introduction & Comments

  • What Matt has been up to – Finished moving!
  • What Peter has been up to – Mach-II and new FAQs

CFReport – at 6:22

CF_Quiz – at 34:50

Wrap Up – at 38:45

CFExit – at 39:40

"Learning How To Let You Go" by Cherry Suede

Download Icon Download Version 1.16

Run time: 41:45 | Size: 33.5MB | Format: mp3 (stereo)

Version 1.15 – July 17, 2006

Version 1.15 Badge

Sizzling Hot Summer Edition

Introduction & Comments

Thanks to Dobroide for sounds of summer nights

  • What Matt has been up to – database migration with C# and .NET 2.0, going to Adobe for Community Summit and Flex, Mach-II at MAX, Ubuntu and Vista, Eclipse tip
  • What Peter has been up to – breeze presentations to Boston and Salt Lake CFUGs and Online ColdFusion Meetup Group (slides and recording)
  • Status of sending out FAQU to people

CFReport – at 11:25

CFQuery – at 30:28

  • Kyle from Southern California asks about MVC and AJAX

CF_Quiz – at 41:25

Wrap Up – at 45:05

CFExit – at 46:18

"Fred & Ginger" by The Jupes

Download Icon Download Version 1.15

Run time: 47:52 | Size: 38.3MB | Format: mp3 (stereo)

Version 1.14 – July 10, 2006

Version 1.14 Badge

The Post-CFUnited Wrap-Up Edition

Introduction & Comments

  • What Matt has been up to – CFUnited, final push to beta on MachBlog, headed out to the Adobe mothership in two weeks
  • What Peter has been up to – Getting back into the groove and using hash() + salt to have a "more" secure password system

CFReport – at 9:35

CFQuery – at 43:05

  • Version 1.15 is going to be another CFQuery Call-In Edition so be sure to call us with your questions by July 15.

CF_Quiz – at 44:15

Wrap Up – at 49:10

CFExit – at 53:10

"Saw It Comming" by Ultronz

Download Icon Download Version 1.14

Run time: 55:10 | Size: 44.2MB | Format: mp3 (stereo)

June 2006

CFUnited Day 3 – June 30, 2006

It's ColdFusion Weekly After Dark Edition. Our daily brain-dump with Kurt Wiersma and Paul Kenney. We hit up our final thoughts on unofficial last day of the conference - unit testing, flex, CMS's and more.

Download Icon Download CFUnited Day 3

Run time: 16:24 | Size: 7.5MB | Format: mp3 (mono)

CFUnited Day 2 – June 29, 2006

The informal round-up of day 2 of CFUnited with Jeff Houser, Judith and Michael Dinowitz, Kris Knowlton, Bob Flynn, Brian Rinaldi, Jeff Lucido, and Chris Rockett and an unidentified female ColdFusion fan.

Download Icon Download CFUnited Day 2

Run time: 15:27 | Size: 7.1MB | Format: mp3 (mono)

CFUnited Day 1 – June 28, 2006

The informal round-up of day 1 of CFUnited with Judith and Michael Dinowitz, Chris Scott, Clark Valberg and Kurt Wiersma.

Download Icon Download CFUnited Day 1

Run time: 23:21 | Size: 10.7MB | Format: mp3 (mono)

Version 1.13 – June 26, 2006

Version 1.13 Badge

The Pre-CFUnited Teaser Edition

Introduction & Comments

  • What Matt has been up to – lots of long nights of coding!
  • What Peter has been up to – becoming an LLC

CFReport – at 7:05

CFQuery – at 25:47

  • Matt Williams asks about "psuedo-OO" and GroupThink

CF_HotSeat – at 34:04

Michael Dinowitz, Judith Dinowitz, and Dee Sadler of Fusion Authority tell us about the Fusion Authority Quarterly Update

CF_Quiz – at 52:59

Wrap Up – at 59:23

CFExit – at 1:01:40

"Not a Day Goes By" by Cherry Suede

Download Icon Download Version 1.13

Run time: 1:03:44 | Size: 51.06MB | Format: mp3 (stereo)

Version 1.12 – June 19, 2006

Version 1.12 Badge

The Biggest Giveaway Ever for Smallest Amount of Work Edition

Introduction & Comments

CFReport – at 7:00

CFQuery – at 18:43

  • Aaron Roberson asks about how to organize code in OO apps

CF_HotSeat – at 26:45

Patrick Quinn and Daryl Banttari from Webapper - the makers of SeeFusion

CF_Quiz – at 59:35

Wrap Up and the Biggest Giveaway Ever (Deadline Wednesday June 21, 2006 at Midnight CST)! – at 56:12

CFExit – at 1:04:20

"Two Arms to Hold You" by The Jupes

Download Icon Download Version 1.12

Run time: 1:05:58 | Size: 52.3MB | Format: mp3 (stereo)

Version 1.11 – June 5, 2006

Version 1.11 Badge

CFQuery Call-In Edition

Introduction & Comments

  • What Matt has been up to – move to high-availability environment and MachBlog
  • What Peter has been up to – Just plain old work and LylaCaptcha in a future CFDJ

CFReport – at 11:48

CFQuery – at 29:58

  • In Defense of IE
  • Application.cfc vs. Application.cfm - which is better?
  • MVC questions - beans, services, DAOs, etc. - that's way more than just MVC - is all this stuff compatible?

CF_Quiz – at 50:41

Wrap Up – at 56:12

CFExit – at 58:25

"Moving On" by J.R. Byrd

Download Icon Download Version 1.11

Run time: 1:01:59 | Size: 46.9MB | Format: mp3 (stereo)

May 2006

Version 1.10 – May 29, 2006

Version 1.10 Badge

Safari Edition

Introduction & Comments

  • What Matt has been up to – move to high-availability environment, MachBlog, and getting water in his iRiver H10 20GB
  • What Peter has been up to – discussion with Chris Scott about the factory bean functionality in ColdSpring

CFReport – at 9:14

Design Pattern Safari – at 21:50

  • Beginning Our Journey -- What we want to accomplish...
  • Code examples avaiable so you can see what we're talking about
  • Our Journey Down the Objectazon River: What's a design pattern?
    • A design pattern is a general and repeatable solution to a commonly occurring problem
    • A design pattern is not code, but a structure or blueprint to implement your code by
    • A design pattern is not an alogrithm since alogrithms solve computational problems
  • Why Patterns Are Important...
    • Patterns provide a "standardized" vocabulary for developers to communicate using well-known, well understood names for software interactions
    • Design patterns can easily be improved over time, making them more robust than ad-hoc designs
    • Patterns are about extensibility and reusability
  • Comon Indentifications In the Jungle: Design Patterns You''ll Use Daily in ColdFusion
    • Beans (Also known as Business Objects or Value Objects)
    • DAOs (Stands for Data Access Objects)
    • Gateways (Stands for Data Gateway Objects)
    • Services (Also known as Manager Objects)
  • Our first animal: The Bean
  • Typically represents a specific entity in your model
    • Carries "encapsulated" data between the different layers of your application
      • Sorta like a glorified structure, however instead of directly accessing data with a key you call a method
      • Helps you organize your data structures instead passing structures around ad-hoc
    • Has a consistent and simple interface (Controllable API)
    • Has methods called getters/setters (aka accessors) to access data [getFirstName() / setFirstName()]
    • Might be composed of other beans
    • Easily created with a code generator
  • Next Stop: DAO (data access object)
    • DAOs only interact with one row of data via the primary key
    • Used to save/load objects from data storage
    • A DAO could interface with: Database / Legacy persistent data storage (XML / Text File)
    • Peter's' DAOs usually have ScRuD method that take a bean (ScRuD - Save | (create) | Read | (update) | Delete)
  • Another beast: Gateways (Your Access to All Things Aggregated)
    • Contains method that sql (select) queries that return one or more rows of data
    • Typically returns a cfquery object
    • Rarely it can return a bean (Querying by User/Pwd)
    • Performs functionality that may affect one or more rows
  • Services: Kings of the Jungles
    • Contains your business logic:
      • Bean Validation / Creation
      • Application specific business logic
      • Save / Load / Delete from DAO (via the facade pattern)
      • Gateway Interaction (via the facade pattern)
    • Usually depends on a DAO and Gateway
    • Services can comsume other services
  • Diagram of how it all works together – Thank you for Kurt Wiersma
  • Others Notable Stops in the Wild
    • Facade: Provides a simplified interface to a larger body of code
    • Controllers: These are very framework specific. Recommend looking at Fusebox, Mach-II or Model-Glue
    • Singletons: An object that only has one instance during the lifetime of the application
  • Surviving: Obey Your Suvival Instincts
    • Do...
      • use them as you go and understand more of the problem
      • focus on your needs
      • learn that when they have a particular kind of problem or smell – go to your pattern toolbox to find a solution
      • understand that some patterns have tradeoffs
      • understand that you can only appreciate a pattern once it has solved a painful problem for you
    • Do not...
      • start immediately throwing patterns into a design
      • have to use all the patterns we've discussed
  • Studying to Become a Safari Guide
    • Code Generation – Rooibos Generator
    • Object Management – ColdSpring
    • Focuses on making configuration and dependencies of your objects (CFCs) easier to manage.
    • ColdSpring uses the "inversion-of-control" pattern to "wire" your CFCs together.
  • Object Technology: A Manager's Guide
    • David A. Taylor
    • Addison-Wesley Professional – 0201309947
  • Design Patterns Explained: A New Perspective on Object-Oriented Design
    • Alan Shalloway & James Trott
    • Addison-Wesley Professional – 0321247140
  • Head First Design Patterns
    • Freeman, Freeman, Bates & Sierra
    • O'Reilly Media – 0596007124
  • CFC-Dev mailing list: Join at


No Hotseat in lieu of the safari discussion...

CF_Quiz – at 1:01:57

Wrap Up – at 1:05:37

CFExit – at 1:06:18

"I'll Find Mine" by J.R. Byrd

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Version 1.9 – May 22, 2006

Version 1.9 Badge

Two Frameworks Are Better Than One

Introduction & Comments

  • What Matt has been up to – MachBlog, MachBlog and more MachBlog
  • What Peter has been up to – Received Adobe Exam Certificate

CFReport – at 10:25

Frameworks discussion

CFQuery – at 51:48

  • David Whiterod asking about the benefits, pitfalls and general the best practice for wrapping Java APIs witin CFCs


No Hotseat in lieu of the frameworks discussion...

CF_Quiz – at 46:00

Wrap Up – at 59:50


"Staying Power" cover by Ed Slack and The Slackestra

Download Icon Download Version 1.9

Run time: 1:05:56 | Size: 52.8MB | Format: mp3 (stereo)

Version 1.8 beta – May 15, 2006

Version 1.8 Badge

Did We Say We Have The News?

Introduction & Comments

CFReport – at 9:30

CFQuery – at 42:45


No Hotseat in lieu of the News...

CF_Quiz – at 46:00

Wrap Up – at 52:38

CFExit – at 53:45

"Peace of Mind" by J.R. Byrd

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Run time: 55:48 | Size: 44.7MB | Format: mp3 (stereo)

Version 1.7 beta – May 8, 2006

Version 1.7 Badge

The State of the ColdFusion Union

Introduction & Comments

CFReport – at 8:50

General News

R.I.P. – at 11:50

CFQuery – at 13:54

  • Ben Edwards asks, "Why not the CF_ColdSeat?"

CF_HotSeat with Michael Dinowitz, Head of House Of Fusion – at 15:30

CF_Quiz – at 37:04

  • This week marked the official end of the web site. What year did first go live? And for bonus points, what was the code name for the + merger project?

Wrap Up – at 40:50

CFExit – at 41:45

"Ascend" by J.R. Byrd

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Run time: 43:38 | Size: 34.9MB | Format: mp3 (stereo)

Version 1.6 beta – May 1, 2006

Version 1.6 Badge

If we could only version ourselves...

Introduction and Comments

CFReport – at 8:28

Errata from last week

  • You CAN buy HomeSite 5.5 separately for $99 (upgrade from HomeSite 4.5 or 5.0 for $29) - thanks Ryan Everhart
  • Left out Microsoft Word as an IDE
  • No one called about CFStudio, so we'll assume it's officially DEAD!

More news – at 11:25

Topic of the week: Version Control – 15:25

CFQuery – at 50:45

  • How to switch your development process to use version control from Andrew Duckett


  • No CF_HotSeat due to scheduling problems with Michael Dinowitz

CF_Quiz – at 50:50

  • ColdFusion is supposedly case-insensitive. Why should be careful when naming your files especially the extends attribute of the cfcomponent tag or the type attribute in the cfargument tag?

Wrap Up – at 1:00:30

CFExit – at 1:01:00

"Hold On" by Silent Film Stars

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April 2006

Version 1.5 beta – April 24, 2006

Version 1.5 Badge

This week we're all about the IDEs of, um, April.

Introduction and Comments

CFReport – at 7:40

Miscellaneous News

ColdFusion IDEs – at 11:40

CFQuery – at 43:45

  • A call from Ryan Everhart of Rockwall, TX about using cfquery vs. cfstoredproc in CFCs

CF_HotSeat with Mark Drew, Lead Developer of CFEclipse – at 50:10

CF_Quiz – at 1:05:10

  • We're going to a once every two weeks schedule for the CF_Quiz to give you more time to enter!
  • This week's quiz: how do you get UTC time in ColdFusion? (Hint: you only need two functions!)

Wrap Up – at 1:10:25

CFExit – at 1:11:45

"Auora Goodness" by Silent Film Stars

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Version 1.4 beta – April 17, 2006

Version 1.4 Badge

We spend the podcast talking about migrating legacy applications.

Introduction and Comments

CFReport – at 8:30


Migrating Legacy Applications – at 9:35

  • Seven Stages of Legacy Application Grief – at 10:30
    1. Shock
    2. Denial
    3. Bargaining
    4. Fear
    5. Anger
    6. Despair
    7. Acceptance
  • Business Needs Vs. Geek Desires – at 18:00
  • Why migrate?
    • If the application is showing its' age: Difficult / expensive to maintain or doesn't play well with newer technologies
    • Lack of documentation / people who wrote it no longer available
    • "Have To" for regulatory or other legal reasons (HIPAA, FERPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc.)
    • The application no longer meets the business needs and can't be changed in its current state so it does
    • Migration is a business decision, not a technology one!
    • Business needs MUST drive the decision to rework a legacy application
    • Don't forget the opportunity cost! If you're migrating a legacy application, you're not doing something else.
  • The Case Study – at 23:10
    • It's two, two, two applications in one. (Known as a twofer when you're talking about double disc CD sets)
    • Over 1500 CFML files all in a single directory (not directory structure, but all in a single directory)
    • Shared a single database
    • Needed to switch to SQLServer 2005 which required changes to 5000 instances of *=
  • Where to begin? – at 28:20
    • We began at the beginning: the login process
    • The legacy application re-ran queries on every page to grab user and company information
    • We moved to a session user and company bean to store this information
    • We're moving things on chunk at a time to Mach-II
  • Strategies for Migration – 30:30
    • How do you eat an elephant? bite at a time
    • Evaluate the whole picture as grim as it may be
    • Make sensible decisions about where to start and a long-term migration strategy
    • Ultimate goal should be well-organized, completely transparent code
    • TEST, TEST, TEST: break your own code
  • The Decision to Migrate – at 36:25
    • Remember: this is a business decision
    • Do through risk analysis (ROI, quality Vs. quantity benefit)
    • Think about opportunity cost: What's the best way for you to be spending your time?
    • Create a test case: your risk analysis for code
    • Be realistic (meaning pessimistic) as opposed to optimistic about the time involved
  • Benefits to the Migration Process – at 40:30
    • In most cases, your application will run better, faster and be less resistant to change
    • Sets stage for future additions to the application that will be far less painful
    • Don't shy away from challenges!

CFQuery – at 44:30

CF_Quiz – at 47:00

  • See the quiz
  • D'oh, we forgot to announce the winner of the version 1.3 beta CF_Quiz. Instead of robbing the lucky person of their glory, we'll have a double header next week.

Wrap Up – at 48:05

  • No CF_Hotseat this week...
  • ColdFusion Weekly Milestone: It's our fifth show!
  • Call in your questions for the next CF_Hotseat with Mark Drew – lead developer of CFEclipse

CFExit – at 50:05

"Traffic Cop" by J.R. Byrd

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Version 1.3 beta – April 10, 2006

Version 1.3 Badge

Open Source Mania!

Thanks To...

CFReport – at 6:20

CFQuery – at 52:03

  • Come on folks, you have GOT to have some questions! Call in!

CF_Hotseat with Brian Rinaldi of – at 54:07

Open Source Suprise– 1:16:48

CF_Quiz – at 1:14:22

  • See last week's!

CFExist Music – at 1:17:32

"Give Meat a Chance" by J.R. Byrd

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Run time: 1:19:23 | Size: 63.5MB | Format: mp3 (stereo)

Version 1.2 beta – April 3, 2006

Version 1.2 Badge

Matt wants to embed GPS in the podcast while Peter's tired brain whimps out with a simple solution due the week of charts. This week on the Weekly:

Download Icon Download Version 1.2 beta

Sorry for the less than stellar audio this week. We have a patch for the bug next week.

Run time: 1:04:13 | Size: 51.4MB | Format: mp3 (stereo)

March 2006

Version 1.1 beta – March 27, 2006

Version 1.1 Badge

Whoa! Peter, why are you over there? Um, Matt, why are you over there? This week on the Weekly:

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Run time: 1:00:20 | Size: 48.3MB | Format: mp3 (stereo)

Version 1.0 alpha – March 20, 2006

Version 1.0 Badge

We can say without a doubt that this will be our best show ever. This week on the Weekly:

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Run time: 48:31 | Size: 38.8MB | Format: mp3 (quasi-mono)