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Version 1.x Shows (2006 - 33 shows)

January 2007

Version 2.03 – January 29, 2007

The "Return of the CF_Quiz" Edition

Introduction & Comments

CFReport – at 5:54

CFQuery – at 28:12

  • Ryan Everhart - Recommendations on where to stay and eat for CFUnited?
  • Bob Flynn - Suggestion for a show about good best practices such as error handling, unit testing, separation of code, etc.
  • John Allen - Closures

CF_Quiz – at 38:40

  • How do you dynamically get the names of all the form fields from the form when you post it?
  • Deadline is Saturday February 10th, 2007 - Noon EST

CFExit Music – at 42:09

"Progress" by The Exchange

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Version 2.02 – January 22, 2007

The "Cryptology and Security" Edition

Introduction & Comments

CFReport – at 6:52

CF_Focus – at 40:14

Top 10 Simple Things to do for Application Security

  1. Use cfqueryparam!
  2. Validate your incoming data
    • If you expect an integer, check for that
    • Good data in your database only happens if you put good data there in the first place
  3. Put stuff below your webroot (i.e. CFCs, XML files, etc.). Yes, the myConfig.xml.cfm with cfsilent and the like works ok, but it's a hack for security.
  4. Get off shared hosting. Check VPS's -- lump a few small sites onto one. The cost is probably the same.
  5. Turn debugging off productions servers and always have an cferror (or if using a framework) that doesn't show source code
  6. Don't assume that just because people don't know the url, that it is safe. Have some sort of security, even if it's simple basic http auth via a webserver.
  7. Don't store your passwords in plain text in your database, hash() them but aways salt them first!
    Peter's blog post on the topic
  8. Don't store credit card information (even SSNs) in your database. Put that responsibility on an internet payment gateway -- even the reoccurring billing has gotten a ton better.
  9. Buy an SSL certificate (instantssl.com from Comodo offers certs starting at $80/yr or two years for $100)
  10. Don't use the cgi.referrer to check if the request comes from your site. Always convert strings to HTML entities

CFExit Music – at 1:07:12

"Insult Lake" by Ultronz

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Version 2.01 – January 15, 2007

The "Rise of the Virtual Machines" Edition

Introduction & Comments

  • What Matt has been up to
  • What Peter has been up to
    • Hating all the iPhone crap such as the "I will buy because..." or "I won't buy because..." blog posts
    • Being sick and receiving notice of possible jury duty all in one day!

CFReport – at 8:42

CF_Focus – at 39:14

Virtual Machines for Developers

  • VM technology has matured to the point of being extremely viable
  • Why do I need a VM?
  • Modern machines are heinously overpowered, and hardware is being developed specifically to support virtualization at the hardware level
  • How does this all work?
  • Things to be aware of
  • Try it, you'll like it!
  • Resources

Konference Korner – at 57:50

Our Big Giveaways!

CFExit Music – at 1:02:35

"Woman, You've Got a Jive Inheritance Tree" by Ed Slack and the Slackestra

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Version 2.00 – Jaunary 8, 2007

Season Two Premier

Introduction & Comments

  • What Matt has been up to
  • What Peter has been up to
    • Defending sickness, flying to Charlotte, driving to Duluth and getting back into the swing of life post holidays

CFReport – at 6:10

Konference Korner – at 24:33

Our Big Giveaways!

CFExit Music

"Pay" by Far Cry Fly

Thanks for sounds

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